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A fresh looking and intuitive to use job portal

A staffing and recruiting company wanted to streamline and update their web presence, in order to target more efficiently their B2C and B2B audiences. Potential job applicants should find more easily and intuitively the fitting job offers and apply directly online. B2B customers, who are searching for recruiting and staffing services, should be able to request any desired services easily.

whiteisland has created a fresh and easy to navigate customer journey for both B2C and B2C target groups. We focused on reducing the information overload, a better site structure and distilling all information into pure and relevant messages. The overall communication (both visual and content) has been transformed into direct and straightforward messages, supported by a clean and bold design language, making it easy for all website visitors to directly access any relevant content. This approach leads to lower churn rates and increases conversions for our customer.

Wackler Group

Project Website: 
Wackler Personal Service

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