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Your brand in the living room

“Make our brand being remembered in the most beautiful moments of our customers.” This was the challenge whiteisland Barcelona had accepted to solve for one of our long year clients. We tried to “think around the corner” and came up with the following idea: Don’t you have the most beautiful moments, when you are at home in your living room with your family and your loved ones? Right! We started researching for a board game, which can be played with the whole family in the living room, which is fun and entertaining to play and establishes a positive connection with the brand of our customer. After a comprehensive search, we found a board game, which is beautifully related to the real estate sector of customer and lets the players be creative and build something new, every time the game is played. Together with the manufacturer of the board game, we created a special custom-branded edition for our client. The game was a huge success, not only in the living room, but also in the office!

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